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Who We Are


A Word From Our Executive Director

I have been with the Habitat for Humanity of Henderson Affiliate for over seven years. I originally became interested in Habitat when a girl that I knew from school received a home.  I thought how cool that all these volunteers are working to build her and her family a home. I eventually was able to be the person that took the very last mortgage payment for that home from the Sharp Family! I started with the affiliate as a Resource Committee Volunteer my first two years. When I began volunteering on that committee I was hooked. I hoped and prayed that one day a job would open up with the affiliate and I could make their mission my every day work ! That opportunity came to me about five years ago.  I started in July of 2014 and haven’t looked back.

I am one of the luckiest people alive. I come to work every day and help build houses, build hope and change lives in Henderson County. I also get to talk (one of my favorite things) to people every day about how affordable housing can change a life. I may be a little bias but we have the best volunteers in Henderson who help us build every week. I am also surrounded by a wonderful staff, committees and Board of Directors. Lastly I keep in mind each day my 5 year old son Everett. I want Everett to grow up in a world where everyone works together and shares their blessings and talents. What better organization that Habitat for Humanity to show him how to put God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Affiliate Office Staff

  • Britney started with Habitat for Humanity of Henderson in July 2014. She has a passion for helping others and loves what Habitat's mission is all about. She loves to speak about Habitat any time you will listen to her ! Britney works with grants, compliance and staff oversight on a daily basis. If you have an organization that wants to know more about Habitat don't hesitate to email Britney.

  • Matt started part time with Habitat while attending nursing school in July 2012. He continued to take care of the bookkeeping after he became an RN. He eventually left his RN Career because of his love for Habitat and came to work for the affiliate full-time in April 2018. Matt has a passion to help the affiliate achieve its full potential through strategic planning and financial oversight.

  • Shadley started with Habitat as a volunteer helping run the ReStore and assisting with the fundraisers like the annual Tri-Fest 5K Race held in April of each year.

  • Larry has always loved being in the construction field. He has built hundreds of homes while running a successful contracting business. He has also worked for the Housing Authority in Evansville, IN building community homes. Once he decided to retire, he was approached by our Executive Director, Britney to come on as the new construction foreman. He started in the summer of 2016 and has helped lead the volunteer T-Crew build homes 58-65.

ReStore Staff

  • Crystal started with Habitat through the Henderson Community College as a Ready to Work Program Member November 2017. Crystal then when on to serve as an AmeriCorps Member with the Henderson Habitat Affiliate as the On-Site Coordinator from April 2018 to August 2018. Once Crystal completed her AmeriCorps Service at Henderson Habitat she was named the Habitat ReStore Manager. Crystal has a heart for the Habitat mission and loves to come up with ReStore sales that both support Habitat and the Community. She helps put on a yearly food drive through the ReStore and also works on a Christmas Give Back Program through the ReStore that helps local children get toys for Christmas. If your organization or you want to get involved in the ReStore or with one of the ReStore Give Back Programs please contact Crystal directly.

  • Robert (Rhody) came on as summer help in 2016. He ended up staying on and filling an open position as the ReStore truck driver. Rhody is the resident funny man and always has the staff laughing. His customers are always happy to see his smiling face when he arrives to do a pick-up or delivery for them. You may also see Rhody's smiling face at the ReStore register on Saturdays. Rhody loves that his work helps people be able to donate whatever they can to help further the Habitat mission of building houses and building hope. If you need a pick-up or delivery just let Rhody know.

  • Logan works with Henderson Habitat ReStore through the Henderson Community College Ready to Work Program. He started with the ReStore in September of 2019. Logan likes that he can further his education while also working to help support Habitat and its mission of affordable housing in Henderson. Logan is always courteous to his customers. If you need a pick-up or delivery just let Logan know.

Our Partners