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Youth Projects

Volunteers Ages 16-17

Minors 16–17 are allowed to participate in construction work, but are prohibited from: using power tools; being on ladders, scaffolding, or walk boards more than 4’ higher than surrounding area; being on platforms or decks without hand or guard rails when more than 4’ above surrounding area; and being on a roof or participating in roofing. Youth groups participating on a build site must have adult supervision. All minors must complete a liability waiver and have it signed by their parent or guardian.

Volunteers Ages 15 and Under

Minors 15 and under are not allowed on a construction site unless it is to bring food and drinks during the lunch break when there is no active construction.

Henderson Habitat ReStore allows for more youth volunteer opportunities for age 15+. Please keep an eye out for opportunities at one of our many special events or community outreach projects. 

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