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Becoming an Advocate for Habitat for Humanity

When you advocate on behalf of Habitat for Humanity, you will join people in your own community and all over the world who are advocating for more access to safe and affordable housing. This is something Kentucky falls short on and Habitat of Henderson strive to make a difference everyday to building more affordable homes for lower income families. 

Rules and regulations about land and building have a major effect on access to housing. In places where there are smart policies in place, there is more access to decent housing. In other places where there are counterproductive policies and systems, there can be barriers that make it difficult for people to find land for construction, build the home itself or be able to afford a place to live.

Habitat for Humanity serves as a voice for people in need of decent housing by working to change laws and shape policies that affect access to housing.

Our advocacy approach is based on decades of on-the-ground experience and policy expertise. With our deep understanding of housing and its role in providing opportunities for families, we seek to reform laws in a non-confrontational, nonpartisan way. Just like building, advocating for smart policies and systems is a way to create a world where everyone has a decent place to live. 

Since 2019, Henderson Habitat has traveled to Frankfort, Ky every year to meet with our State Representatives and help start the  Affordable Housing Caucus. In 2020, we invited one of our homeowners to travel with us and to go tell her story of how her Habitat home not only gave her an affordable place to call home, but helped save her in so many ways. This was also the year that the 20/20 Housing Vision was started. We will continue to go again and again each year to make our voices heard on the needs of our community for gaining access to more safe and affordable housing in Henderson! Our Habitat Affiliate here in Henderson not only fights for affordable housing, but we offer so many educational opportunities for the families we serve and many of the other opportunities we have in partnering with other local non-profits.  


If you would like more information on helping us advocate or sponsoring an event, family or project, etc... please contact 


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