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Home Ownership

Homeownership Program

Habitat's Homeownership Program

To Qualify

Willing to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Henderson, Ky means you want to be apart of something great, something unique. Your family will be fully involved with learning how to put together the building blocks needed to start building a better future for themselves and the family. Qualified Partnership Families demonstrate the willingness, the need, and the ability to make homeownership a reality.

  • Willingness
    • Qualified families must be willing to partner with Habitat of Henderson, Ky. Once a family has been thru the application process and selected, the families will volunteer or put in "sweat equity" time working on their home, other homes, educational classes and other approved volunteer activities required by the partnership with Habitat. At a minimum, they must provide at least 200 hours towards this sweat equity. 
  • Need
    • Families must also demonstrate a financial need to qualify. This is calculated as a percentage of the Area Median Income (AMI). To determine if you are income-qualified, compare your regularly occurring gross annual income to the chart below. Your income should include most funds you are receiving, including social security, disability, and/or child support. SNAP (food stamps) and TANF are not counted as income.
  • Ability
    • Habitat works on a hand-up not a hand-out model. Potential home buyers must have a steady income in order to pay an affordable mortgage. This is determined by the Area Median Income (AMI). AMI is based on the gross household income (i.e. the income of everyone who will in live in the home before taxes) and family size. For example, a single head of household with 2 children is a family of 3. On the other hand, 2 adults with one child is also a family of 3. Finally, AMI is evaluated by where the home will be located.

Other Important Information

Habitat of Henderson has limited amount of property inventory. This means that we may not always have a lot size to build a home that fits the family’s needs, at the time the family is ready for assignment. Acceptance into the Habitat Partnership program DOES NOT GUARANTEE you will receive a home.

Candidate families are selected from approved applicants.

All the information about candidate families collected by Habitat of Henderson, Ky is kept confidential. Please make a copy of all the materials you send to us and keep your records together in a safe place.


Habitat Homeownership Application

  The 2023-24 Habitat Home Buyer Application Packets and Information will be available starting January 3, 2023. Deadline for turning in the completed mortgage application and credit report fee ($25 per applicant) is February 28th, 2023.

 Applications will be available at the locations listed below. If you are unable to pick up an application, you can email or call to request one be mailed to you. 270-826-0015 or


  • Henderson Habitat Affiliate Office
  • Henderson Habitat ReStore
  • Henderson County Library
  • Henderson Housing Authority
  • Christian Community Outreach  
  • Boys and Girls Club of Henderson


*We will be hosting a Homeowner Information Session at the Henderson County Public Library in January. The time and date will be posted once the  reservation has been confirmed. 


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