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A Word From the Board of Directors

As one of the founders of our local affiliate, I have seen our organization work to provide a common-sense solution to affordable home-ownership. Over the last 22 years, I can safely say that we have maintained our trajectory by being inspired. Our people inspire us: Habitat homeowners, volunteers, donors, community partners, and staff. This tremendous support enabled us to successfully navigate our way to become a larger affiliate with one commitment —to help provide safe, decent and affordable housing solutions beyond home construction.

We are invigorated and energized by the number of talented and enthusiastic individuals within our Habitat family who continue to inspire us daily. The Henderson Habitat story is a powerful mosaic of experiences that have motivated our actions and accomplishments in the last year— a transitional year for our organization as we dared to take chances on solutions we may have never considered otherwise.

2022-23 Board Members

  • Nick Whitt, Board President
    Nick Whitt, Board President

    Nick has served on the Habitat board since 2018, became the vice president in 2020 then Board President in 2022. Nick is a Trust Officer with Old National Bank here in Henderson.

  • Jeff Duncan, Board Vice President
    Jeff Duncan, Board Vice President

    Jeff stays very involved with Habitat of Henderson and also teaches budgeting and credit classes for the partner families going thru the path to homeownership. Jeff joined out Henderson Board in 2020. In 2022, Jeff became the Vice President of the Board. When he is not volunteering with Habitat he works as an Investment Banker with Field and Main Bank here in Henderson.

  • Bob "Dawg" Clum, Board Secretary
    Bob "Dawg" Clum, Board Secretary

    Bob is a veteran of the military serving for many years with the Dept of the Army. He is also a longtime volunteer with our T-Crew Construction Crew.
    Would have to attribute the basis for my volunteering to my father who was a member of the volunteer fire department in th small town that I grew up in.

    For all of my working life I traveled a lot and was therefore unable to volunteer. Before retiring in 2006 I met, though work, the Kentucky State President for Habitat and he was also a board member for the Henderson Affiliate. He talked me into joining the Thursday Crew and eventually the local affiliate Board.

    Watching folks work through their Sweat Equity and the joy they have on their faces when sometime during the build they recognize "hey this is MY house". To watch kids step on the structure when there is only the floor and they smile and say "MY room is going to be here." What a joy and blessing.

    Over the years I have gotten so much more back than I have given. I am so blessed.


  • Tara Hunter, Board Member
    Tara Hunter, Board Member

    Tara joined the Board in 2019. She is a licensed attorney with King, Deep & Branaman.

  • Greg Miller, Board Member
    Greg Miller, Board Member

    Greg is one of our newest Board members that joined in 2021. He and his wife are some of the first homeowners that Henderson Habitat built for in the late 90's. Greg stays involved in the community and is also a Pastor with a local church in Henderson.

  • Stephanie Jenkins, Board Member
    Stephanie Jenkins, Board Member

    Stephanie joined the Henderson Habitat Board in 2020. Stephanie is the Systems Integration Director with Deaconess Hospital's Henderson Campus.

  • Steve Trent, Board Member
    Steve Trent, Board Member

    Steve is retired from the United States Airforce. Steve joined the Board in 2016. He has also been apart of the Family Selection Committee and is an active member of the Barn Builder Crew that builds a yard barn for each of the new Habitat homes built in Henderson.

  • Chester Watson, Board Treasurer

    Chester has been apart of the T-Crew for many years helping build the Habitat homes in the community. He has been on several committees and most recently joined the Board as Treasurer in 2022

    Word from Chester.....
    1. The vast majority of house recipients since I have been associated with Habitat have remarked to me during construction that they never thought they would own a home of their own. Also, this seems to be the first time that most, if not all, of the children involved have had a room of their own. I took both of these concepts for granted in the past.

    2. A picture taken of on of our lots before construction starts and contrasts it with one taken at dedication shows a drastic contrast in the aesthetics alone. This is in addition to the value added to the neighborhood, tax value, etc.

  • David Osborn, Board Member

    Investment Banker at Independence Bank in Henderson, Ky. Has been on the Habitat Board since 2022.

  • Evan Dixon, Board Member

    Board Member since 2022. Evan is a Commercial Lender at Field & Main Bank in Henderson.

  • Corey Bridges, Board Member
    Corey Bridges, Board Member

    Corey works at Independence Bank here in Henderson as a Commercial Lender and joined the Henderson Habitat for Humanity Board in 2016.

  • Melissa Luntsford, Board Member
    Melissa Luntsford, Board Member

    Melissa joined the Habitat Board in 2016. She is a well known realtor in Henderson with ERA Realty.

  • Joy Ries, Board Member
    Joy Ries, Board Member

    Joy Ries joined the Habitat Board in 2017. Joy works as a CPA in Henderson.

  • Dennis Moran, Board Member
    Dennis Moran, Board Member

    Dennis joined the Henderson Habitat Board in 2014.

  • David Butler, Board Member
    David Butler, Board Member

    David has been volunteering with Henderson Habitat for many years and joined the board in 2017. He also is a long time member of the T-Crew volunteers and previous Board Treasurer.

  • Albert Rideout, Member

    Albert has been apart of the Henderson Habitat family for many years. Him and his wife, Dawn, purchased their home from us in August 1, 2000. They raised their son up in this home and were able to make the last mortgage payment in November of 2019. Albert has recently joined the board since he is now a paid in full homeowner and knows the program well and how it helps lower income families in Henderson. We are excited for Albert to be on the Board now and share his experience with the program!

  • Brittney Gentry, Secretary

    Brittney has been on the NMLS Committee which helps move the applicants on to the next phase of the application process. She is the branch manager at 5/3rd Bank here in Henderson and has been an asset to have on this committee and share her lending experience and knowledge. She joined the Board earlier this year and we are so excited to have her on the team!

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